Mr. Wright – an Amazing “Weird” Teacher and a More Amazing Father

Jeffrey Wright


 titled Wright's Law

Jeffrey Wright

Some heroes have capes and others have weapons but Jeffrey Wright has a classroom, a creative mind and a huge heart.

Louisville, Kentucky High school physics teacher Jeffrey Wright was profiled by Tara Parker-Pope in the New York Times on December 24, 2012.

The article featured an award winning video titled Wright’s Law produced by a 22 year old former student of Wright, Zack Conkle.

Conkle said you had to see Mr. Wright to believe him.

Zack got that right!

But Jeffrey Wright is more than a gifted teacher.

He is a a devoted family man and father of severely disabled son, Adam.

Take look at this exceptional man and sense the impact he has had on the students who have been privileged to sit in his classroom.

Then consider the impact he has on Adam.

This is the kind of impact I both admire and envy in a good way.

The story has been retold several times on the net. This version was found on the New York Times YouTube channel.
It has 2.4 million views.



My brother was a high school science teacher in New Jersey for his whole career. He loved it.

He passed away recently and some of his former high school associates gave witness to the positive impact he had on many students.

I’m not too sure he was as weird as Jeffrey Wright in his methods…but I could be wrong about that!



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Mr. Wright – an Amazing “Weird” Teacher and a More Amazing Father



I appreciate it.

Dick S


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