The Roentgen Berlin Secretary / Desk -Wait ’til You See What This Desk Can Do!

Roentgens Berlin Secretary/Desk

Here is a fascinating YouTube video of just over 2 minutes (and 13 mil views) that displays the amazing craftsmanship in a secretary/desk made by famous German cabinetmaker David Roentgen.

Roentgen was most famous for his mechanical doors, drawers and other hidden features of his pieces.

His work certainly amazed me!

Many of his pieces are now in museums around the world.


The Amazing Roentgen Berlin Secretary / Desk



This Wikipedia link gives more detail about this ingenious craftsman and his work.

David Roentgen

What do you think?

How would you like this kind of secretary/desk in your home or office?

It certainly is a showpiece!



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The Roentgen Berlin Secretary / Desk


I appreciate it.

Dick S

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