A Hug That Helped Change Medicine

Preemie Twins Hug Screen Shot

A Hug That Helped Change Medicine

The Hug That Helped Change Medicine occurred in an incubator in a neonatal care unit in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1995.

A set of twin girls was born prematurely and their survival was thought be questionable for an indefinite period of time.  Their birth weight was 2 lbs each.

After 3 weeks, one of the girls began to falter and her prognosis was poor.

A nurse in the neonatal unit suggested bringing the stronger twin into the same incubator as the weaker sister, something that had not been done before in the US.

As soon as the two began to physically come into contact, the weaker twin began to improve and ultimately fully recovered.

The girls are now grown up and in perfect health.

Beyond this single case, the procedure of skin to skin contact was found to be a useful and often markedly successful means of treating even premature babies.

The story received worldwide attention in 1995 and was the subject of this CNN news story in 2013.



The Twins Then and Now


Incubator Twins Then and Now by Dre1alliance


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Have you ever put your hand on a friend’s arm or shoulder in sympathy? Or did a friend do that to you?

How did it feel?

Have you tried delivering a parental sign of love and understanding or sympathy to your child – young or adult?

My wife, Lynn, and I try to maintain a “Hugs” routine when we greet or say goodbye to our adult daughters and our grandchildren and our great grandchildren, too!



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A Hug That Helped Change Medicine


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