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Strasbourg Cathedral, France, World’s Tallest Building from 1647 to 1874 (227 years)


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Strasbourg Cathedral History

The site of the current Strasbourg Cathedral has for a long time been the location for religious buildings. At first, a Roman temple, dating back to the Roman occupation, was built on this site. Later in the 7th century, the bishop of Strasbourg had a cathedral, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, built on the site.

Engulfed by flames

This cathedral was later replaced with a larger one, completed under the reign of Charlemagne. This cathedral caught fire several times but survived until year 1007, when it was totally engulfed by flames during a large fire. The new cathedral built on site stood around 150 years, until it also was destroyed during by fire as the naves were covered with a wooden framework.

After this disaster, it was decided that a new, even grander, cathedral would be built. This time the foundation of the cathedral would not include any wooden framework. This was probably a wise decision, as this new cathedral is the one still standing today.


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Strasbourg Cathedral, France, World’s Tallest Building from 1647 to 1874 (227 years)


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