Spectacular Birds-of-Paradise HD Videos – You Can’t Stop Watching!

Male Bird of Paradise

FC3BOP1I am especially attracted to nature and travel as both of these overlapping categories provide some breathtaking and almost unimaginable sights that I wouldn’t be able to see otherwise, like the mating habits of the Birds of Paradise of New Guinea.

One of the things I like to do is search around for HD videos.I like to share these on the blog and hope you will be as impressed as I am.

Despite my family labeling me a ” bird watcher” I am not in the category of “birder” like many people I have met on the net. They search out in the often challenging habitats while I search on the net to see what THEY have found and preserved.

paradise_birds_by_giovannag-d6s35m4Well, with that long introduction, I have found some video that is truly spectacular.

The source is Cornell University’s Ornithology Lab in upstate New York, USA about a three hour drive from my summer home.

Take a look at their introduction to a project of study of the New Guinea Birds of Paradise.




 Birds-of-Paradise Project Introduction Video


There are literally dozens of short, spectacular HD videos at the Cornell University’s Ornithology Lab website. I’ll give you the link at the end of this post but first, there is one more fascinating video I’d like you to see.

Its titled Dance: and the Birds-of-Paradise.




Despite my denials of being a true bird watcher, I have to admit these birds-of-paradise fascinate me.

If they fascinate you, too, you can explore the various videos and other information available specifically relating to the birds-of-paradise at:


You can also find a broader range of bird information at the Ornithology website at:


Let me know in the Comments below if you are as impressed with their work as I am.



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I appreciate it.

Dick S

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