Cologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral, Germany – Take the Narrated HD Video Tour features many of the world’s most spectacular and important historical sites.  Many of the sites are also designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Cologne Cathedral.

The following excerpts give an overview of the cathedral’s history and features.

  • The construction of the Cathedral began in year 1248, when the foundation stone way laid by the reigning Archbishop Konrad von Hochstaden.
  • The total cost of this last part of the construction phase is estimated to an equivalent of 1 billion dollars. Cologne Cathedral was completed 1880 and celebrated as a national event under the presence of Kaiser Wilhelm I.
  • The mighty Cologne Cathedral is one of the world’s largest churches. Cologne Cathedral, or Kölner Dom as it is known in German, has been classified as a world heritage site with the motivation that it is an “exceptional work of human creative genius.”
  • The Cathedral was actually the tallest building in the world once it was completed, but only remained so for four years, until the Washington Monument was raised and beat it by four meters.
  • Cologne Cathedral also houses the largest functioning free-swinging church bell in the world; the St. Peters Bell, which weighs a massive 24 tons.


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The stained glass replacement window below was redesigned from the original collection of Christian figures and symbols has proved to be quite controversial.


Cologne Cathedral Pixillated Stained Glass Replacement Window by

Cologne Cathedral Pixillated Stained Glass Replacement Window by


Additional detail and several high quality images are found on the page at the link below.

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Cologne Cathedral, Germany – Narrated HD Video Tour


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