How Would You Like an Alarm Clock Like This?

Animals Waking Up Owners

My Animal Alarm Clock

In the domestic animal world these are some of the alarm clocks that may or may not be funny – depending on whether you are asleep or awake!

Many years ago we had a small black cat who liked to be outside more than in. We feared for her safety outside at night so we always brought her in at suppertime and let her back out in the morning.

This worked well during the winter season when it didn’t get light outside until after we normally awoke and started our day.

When the days lengthened, Tippy would climb on furniture until she reached the highest point she could do, a tall dresser, and then she would leap onto the first available chest – the Mrs. or mine, as a not so gentle hint that it was time for her to be let out.

Did you ever have an animal alarm clock?

Here are some animal alarm clocks who specialize in waking their owners.

Watch and laugh at this Tiger Productions YouTube video as 42 million others have!



How about the scene where the dog keeps jumping on the sleeper and poking him with his two front paws. I’d wake up in two seconds!




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How Would You Like an Alarm Clock Like This?


I appreciate it.

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