Tansy Aspinall And The Gorillas: Reunited At Last!

Damien Aspinall and Gorilla Friends

What Will the Gorillas Do after 12 years?

Tansy Aspinall and Long Lost Friend

Tansy Aspinall and Long Lost Friend

Here is a really neat video of the reunion of two gorillas, Djalta and Bimms, raised in captivity but released back into the wild 12 years ago, with their former human guardians.

Damien Aspinall and his now fully grown daughter, Tansy, find the gorilla pair and are able to reestablish their relationship almost instantly after 12 years.

You really have to pause and consider that these are powerful now “wild” animals capable of doing catastrophic harm to their human visitors before you can appreciate how extraordinary the encounter turned out to be.


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Published on Nov 13, 2014

http://www.aspinallfoundation.org/con… In the African jungle, conservationist Damian Aspinall, along with his daughter Tansy Aspinall, searches for Djalta and Bimms, two western lowland gorillas born at Howletts Wild Animal Park in Kent. In 2003, Djalta and Bimms were released into the forest of Gabon, West Africa as part of a conservation programme to re-introduce gorillas back to the wild. Will Damian find them? Will they accept his daughter, Tansy, who they haven’t seen for 12 years?



I was blown away at the gentleness of these huge animals and their obvious recall of the 12 years ago relationship.

How about you?



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Tansy Aspinall And The Gorillas: Reunited At Last!



I appreciate it.


Dick S

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