I’m the Mommy of This Place- A Catchy Mother’s Day Song – Don’t Miss it!


I’m the Mommy of This Place

Here is a new and catchy way to see how valuable Mommies are “in this place”.

It may all look like frustrating hard work but at the end of the video it all seems worth it!

See if you agree, Mommy.



A Personal Note

As the husband of a wonderful wife and mother of our four daughters, I say Happy Mother’s Day to you who always said she wanted to be a wife and mother and who worked tirelessly inside the home to make the whole household a success.

As the father of four daughters who are now veterans of motherhood and have invested themselves heavily to give their children a loving and continuously nurturing start in life, I can say Happy Mother’s Day to each of my darling daughters.



I hope all the mothers who see this video find fun, truth and, most of all, incredible value and self worth in being “Mommy of This Place”.

Please use the Share Buttons and/or email the post link below directly to your friends, especially the Mom’s you know. Do it now so they can feel appreciated on Mothers Day.

A Catchy Mother’s Day Song on YouTube – Don’t Miss it!


I appreciate it.


Dick S

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