Tango Mike Mike – Roy P. Benavidez – a True American Hero

Roy P Benavidez


This is the story of Roy P Benavidez a Master Sergeant and Green Beret during the Vietnam era.

It is an extraordinary story about an extraordinary superhero who was called a stupid Mexican as a youth. He is NOT stupid and he is an American, born and raised.

I have been searching for days for something really representative of the patriotic spirit of America for the Fourth of July.

Sadly, I haven’t found much that I considered worthy of presenting to you.

That is, until I found this YouTube video titled Tango Mike Mike.

I STRONGLY encourage you to invest 26 minutes in this video to listen to the man himself tell his incredible story. The first half is President Ronald Reagan awarding Benavidez the Congressional Medal of Honor. The second half is Benavidez giving more details and clearly communicating his  phenomenal sense of patriotism, honor and determination that continue to shape his life and the lives who hear his story in schools and other forums around the country.


If this doesn’t define patriotism, I don’t know what does.



Please use the Share Buttons and/or email the post link below directly to your friends. The more people who see what patriotism really looks like the better. Don’t you agree?

Tango Mike Mike – Roy P. Benavidez – a True American Hero


I appreciate it.


Dick S

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