I Died Today. By Duke Roberts – The Story That Broke the Internet


The Story of Duke on His Last Day on Earth

I found this story on the BuzzFeed website.

I wish it was my own work because it is a great story and it is told and shown magnificently.

It’s the work of photographer/blogger Robyn Arouty.

Be sure you click on the links near the end of the article to see how the whole story started and the follow up story after Duke died.

Here’s the link to BuzzFeed.  Get some tissues ready… you’ll need them.


There is more to this sad story. There is the happy story of Duke’s adoption and great times with the family.

This is how it all began.



After “Dukey” passed, and his story was posted, the internet nearly broke!

Here is the follow up post by Robyn Arouty, the photographer of the original story and friend of Jordan Roberts, Dukey’s owner.



Did you ever have to go through a pet loss like this?

I did.

Its just hard to do.

Share your thoughts in a Comment.

Its easy.


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I Died Today. By Duke Roberts – The Story That Broke the Internet


I appreciate it.


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