Funny Prayer by Mary Maxwell about Aging at the Caregiver of the Year Dinner

Prayer at the Caregiver Dinner

Laughing With Mary Maxwell

Listen carefully and watch her facial expressions as this dear lady, Mary Maxwell,  gives the Invocation at the HomeInstead Caregiver of the Year Dinner.

The prayer takes a significant turn at about 1:20.

This video is a two-level message.

Its funny and its a reminder about aging and the importance of those around the aging person who give family attention, or, in this case, professional attention.

Enjoy…and be reminded of your (and my) role in caring for and caring about the aging people in our lives.



Was that fun?

Interesting that it appeared on website.

Did you hear a bit of spiritual message between the funny lines?


More of Laughing With Mary Maxwell

Mary’s videos have become so popular that she is now on a YouTube  Channel called Caregiver Stress that has over 50 short videos.

Each of the videos shows Mary answering a letter and giving advice to senior with a problem.

Here is the link, AND as a bonus, the first video on the list.

Caregiver Stress




Please use the Share Buttons and/or email the post link below directly to your friends, especially seniors! There are a lot of laughs and some poignant moments on Mary’s videos. Its all good news at a time when good news is too scarce. Make it go viral.

Funny Prayer by Mary Maxwell about Aging at the Caregiver of the Year Dinner


I appreciate it.



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