Ronald Reagan – A Soldier’s Pledge – Listen, Learn, Remember

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Soldier's pledge

Soldier’s pledge

President Ronald Reagan delivered this highly emotional speech on May 26, 1983 as a Memorial Day tribute to those who sacrificed for our freedom.

It is simple, yet eloquent.

And it recalls patriotism at its best in a unique “pledge” by one particular soldier.

It is as relevant to Veteran’s Day as Memorial Day.

Watch, listen, gain respect for our military and our nation.



I grew up between wars and armed conflicts and so did not experience the hell of war that so many Americans experienced and continue to experience.

I’m grateful for that opportunity, but I know it came at a high price.

My brother served on the front lines in the Korean conflict and he paid a price for it – not a permanent physical disability but a permanent hardening of outlook and worldview.

I don’t know about you but I yearn to see peace throughout the world – but there is no peace.

So we really have no choice except to hold the moral high ground that President Reagan spoke of – for it seems clear that our enemies hold no such ground.

And we must fight when there is no alternative – including the non alternative of passive appeasement.

I am proud and grateful to be an American.

And, I am very proud of our veterans who have sacrificed to protect our freedom.



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Ronald Reagan – A Soldier’s Pledge – Listen, Learn, Remember 


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