GoPro: Lions – The New Endangered Species?

Kevin Richardson - TheLion Whipserer


Kevin Richardson – Friend of Lions – The “Lion Whisperer”


GoPro Video Cameras have captured many spectacular sights all over the world.

None is any more dramatic than this one featuring Kevin Richardson who is called the Lion Whisperer.

Kevin is a wildlife advocate in South Africa with a unique relationship with wild animals.

He plays with them in real time in the wild and they are full grown.

He loves lions and it shows.

Over 37 million people have seen this YouTube video.

The HD quality video runs over 14 minutes but if you can’t spare that much time check it out anyway because it is fascinating right from the start.




I’m glad its Kevin and not me with those lions and hyenas.

I’ve been on a photo safari in Tanzania and got pretty close to both species, and many others, but not the point of stepping out of the Land Rover and playing with them!

Providing for a continuing habitat area of sufficient size seems to be the sticking point as the competing interests of the indigenous peoples and the non Afrikaners are not in alignment with the space needs of the animals.



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GoPro: Lions – The New Endangered Species?


I appreciate it.

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