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Rick Steve’s European Christmas Part 9 – Switzerland


This is the ninth repost in a series of Rick Steves’ European Christmas traditions I originally posted in 2013. I am posting through Christmas week. These posts were well received last year and I hope they will be a blessing this year as well.



Rick Steves is a popular travel guide, especially in Europe, and has written several travel guides as well.  If you have been following this blog you have seen several of his videos already.

Rick has produced a wonderful series of ten YouTube videos entitled Rick Steves’ European Christmas.  These videos are in High Definition and are very professional in their production quality.  Rick does a great job narrating based on his extensive personal knowledge leading and guiding tours of each country.

I am sharing the series between now and Christmas.

Each video depicts the local traditions for celebrating Christmas and I have found every one very interesting and uplifting.  I hope you do, too!

Let’s share the joy of the season as those in several European countries show us their traditions.

In Part 9 we go high up in Switzerland, where the mighty Alps seem to shout the glory of God. Up here, where villages huddle under towering peaks, Christmas fills a wintry wonderland with good cheer. Traditions are strong and celebration comes with families, friends, and fun. It may be cold outside, but, as the sun sets, it’s impossible not to linger in this cozy setting.


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Rick Steves’ European Christmas Part 9 – Switzerland



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