Rick Steve’s European Christmas Eve


This is the tenth repost in a series of Rick Steves’ European Christmas traditions I originally posted in 2013. I have been posting throughout December until Christmas week. These posts were well received last year and I hope they will be a blessing this year as well.

Rick Steves’ European Christmas is Almost Here!

This is the final part of the ten part series (eleven, including the “bonus” manger scenes which will be posted on Christmas Day), Rick Steves’ European Christmas.

This part features a fast paced video summary of the many Christmas traditions we have seen over our tour of Europe and England and is capped off by a “Merry Christmas” verbal greeting from each place.

I found this post especially meaningful and encouraging as it brings the presence of the message of Jesus Christ from so many different places and peoples all together.


I hope you have enjoyed the series as much as I have. You can still share the series with you friends just by using the Share Buttons if you’re on social media or by emailing the post link below directly to your friends.

Rick Steve’s European Christmas Eve

My wife, Lynn and I are in cold northern New York State for an eight day stay with our four daughters and their families which now include our fifteen grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

We will be returning to sunny Florida just before New Year’s Day.  After freezing for eight days we’ll be ready to thaw out but we cherish the opportunity to share the Christmas season with our entire family.  We are able to do this because they all live within 10 miles, more or less, of the place where we raised our four daughters.

So, Merry CHRISTmas everybody!  – Dick (and Lynn) Stannard


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