International Snow Sculpture Championships at Breckenridge, Colorado


Breckenridge Snow Sculpture Competition History

In the 1970s a couple of Realtors started organizing town folk to make sculpture out of one of Breckenridge's most readily available resources - snow.  If you've followed the Breckenridge competition over the past 20-some years, you've probably heard of Carvin' Marvin and the Snowflakes - Breckenridge Associates' own Rob Neyland and Ron Shelton, who were part of this original band and spent many years carvin' out in the cold and organizing the event in steaming city council meetings trying to get the event national, and then international status and into the world-acclaimed event it is today. Thousands come to see the event every January during the week it takes the artists to make the sculptures and the following week - sun willing - that the works are left standing.  Excerpt from

Last Year's Snow Sculpture Competition

2017 marked the 27th year of the now world famous Breckenridge Snow Sculpting Championships.

Here are the winning entries.

First Place - China


Second Place - Sweden


Third Place - Mongolia


Artist Choice Award

artist choice mongolia

photos by Mountain Life Staff -

Here is How It All Happens

This Year's Competition Coming Next Week

Be sure to Google Breckenridge 2018 Snow Sculpture Championships for all the information and photos/videos.


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International Snow Sculpture Championships at Breckenridge, Colorado


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