New Zealand Home of Middle-earth

It’s winter here in the Northern Hemisphere and for many it’s been a brutal winter already with record cold and dangerous storms.

If this fits your locale, you may need an escape to a winter wonderland in the Southern Hemisphere where it is the summer season.

New Zealand is home to Middle-earth – a mythical place and time where world famous stories and films have been set and where you can take tours to see and recount them. Films include Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Hobbit Trilogy – originally authored by J. R. R. Tolkien – and The Chronicles of Narnia originally authored by Tolkien’s good friend C. S. Lewis.

Come along and see the beauty of this land in brilliant high definition video captured during the filming of The Hobbit.

The Hobbit Trilogy and the Beauty of New Zealand

I am a late comer to the Hobbit Trilogy. In fact, I haven’t yet seen any of the films. I have been interested in visiting New Zealand for some time, however.

I was drawn to them for two different reasons.

  • A trip to New Zealand (and Australia) is the last item remaining on my Bucket List.
  • I came across a 6 minute YouTube video that combined comments by Hobbit cast members with video clips of many of the shooting sites from the movie. The photography and the natural beauty were superb.

I also learned that several of the temporary movie shoot sites have since been rebuilt as permanent tourist attractions and they have logged over a million visitors. So I decided to share these findings with you and see if either the movie trilogy or the natural beauty of New Zealand sparks any future travel plans. This information has rekindled my own interest in a trip “down under”.

Watch and see for yourself.

The Hobbit – Part 1 – An Unexpected Journey – featurette

See what I mean? It’s half movie preview and half New Zealand tourism marketing video.

Here is the video for the second movie.

The Hobbit – Part 2 – The Desolation of Smaug – featurette

Where do I buy my tickets? Do I mean to the movie or the country?

And now the final film in the Hobbit Trilogy.

The Hobbit Part 3 – The Battle of the Five Armies – featurette

Well that’s the Hobbit Trilogy in 3 nutshells, accompanied by a 3 generous doses of soft sell New Zealand tourism.

Film critics didn’t show great enthusiasm for the Hobbit Trilogy, especially the final episode. Audiences were more enthusiastic, making the first two episodes big box office successes. The final episode was a breakeven.

Perhaps, the Hobbit suffered from comparisons to its predecessor Lord of the Rings Trilogy which won 11 Academy Awards and was a box office smash.

New Zealand Tourism

There is an abundance of New Zealand tourism information​ on the internet with only a Google search.

I don’t see it as my role to be a cheerleader for New Zealand tourism when I haven’t been there (yet). Nevertheless, everything I have seen so far about the country is very impressive.



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New Zealand Home of Middle-earth


I appreciate it.

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