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Be there Wed Oct 11 suppertime.

Comment on Brilliant Colors of Autumn in New England Slide Show by Sandy Thu, 05 Oct 2017 19:37:14 +0000 BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing. We are looking forward to welcoming you and Lynn back at Schalamar Creek.

Comment on These Things I Wish For You by Dick Wed, 30 Aug 2017 22:34:03 +0000 Hi Sandy and thanks for commenting. You’re right – the lady has a way with words! I am old enough to have experienced all the things she wished for her grandson!

Comment on What Goes Around Comes Around Comes Around – Yeah Right! by Dick Fri, 11 Aug 2017 02:22:32 +0000 Hi Marie and thanks for your comment and for your service to homeless people and others in need.

I would say that he story is aimed at the positive example of the caring woman who became a success thanks, in part, to the caring nature of Jack in his younger years. When she saw what had become of him she didn’t hesitate to proactively help Jack despite his protests to be left alone. We are left to imagine Jack’s future but I suspect most are glad for the intervention and hopeful that he will turn his life around.

Its also possible that Jack couldn’t bring himself to believe that his earlier kindnesses would ever “come around”. He had probably been ignored, criticized, and worse for a long time.

Comment on I Died Today. By Duke Roberts – The Story That Broke the Internet by Dick Tue, 08 Aug 2017 18:19:06 +0000 Laurence,
Thank you for for thoughtful response to Duke’s story and the deeply personal memories it evoked in your life experience.
Your story is doubly tragic.
I hope time and the enduring love of God will heal your memories and give you purpose and and a new start on life. Perhaps this will include another pet. – Dick S

Comment on I Died Today. By Duke Roberts – The Story That Broke the Internet by Laurence Mitchell Tue, 08 Aug 2017 08:22:07 +0000 I will never forget my Bella, she was the most loving pure white pedigree white German Shepherd. She was from a litter of nine, there was a blind dog but I couldn’t face taking her because of my own life challenges interfering I write about them in my #AspieandMeBook.

Bella was a very special dog for me in more ways than one she was looked after by my wife and myself and enjoyed our three children, a gentle and most kind bitch that would not hurt a fly.

I don’t know why but reading this story I am compelled to talk about her. I wonder if she emulated both me and my wife’s life in a way her last day was just horrendous. Why am I sharing this story because it comes from the heart and being a new author who can’t stop writing I find I am drawn to mentioning something about our pets. They are very special to those that own them, its more than just a special relationship because they have a meaningful existence to others who come in touch.

Bella Why, we loved you so. I was unaware my wife suffered with mental illness, she was in denial that’s why I didn’t know. People used to think I couldn’t emphasize with her pain how wrong could they be.

Bella became our go between tried in vain to bring us back together. Needed us to be the loving family we once were.

I had trained Bella never to cross a busy main road when she was off her lead, she would never disappoint me. Even a few feet from a strange cat, she obeyed, never once cut for the chase unless she got a sign of permission.

My wife on the other hand didn’t have this type of trust always had her attached to her lead perhaps she was scared Bella would run away and her life would then be doomed.

However our lives were strained I never realised I would be having to deal with divorce. Bella spent many an enjoyable day or two with a friend who was a dog sitter while we tried in vain to piece our marriage back together. Then one morning we had the terrible news a fire had broken out and Bella was one of nine dogs who suffered a terrible death.

Sadly shortly after our loss while we were going our separate way my wife took her life. Two years before she had said to me what hope is there for us if you have an illness where you can’t show me the love and understanding I need . You can read about this in my writing.

It is true no words of mine could have saved her or from our children who loved her dearly but I wonder whether if our Bella had been alive would she been saved her fate? This is the power our pets have over us that is the beautiful relationship we have Man’s best friend.

No doubt it is a similar story to Dukes and many more others. We all should be going out of our way to save the homeless dogs from the recklessness of others who mean to harm.

Comment on Hallelujah, Easter Version by Kelley Mooney by Dick Tue, 18 Jul 2017 19:26:29 +0000 Hi, Barbara. If you Google kelley mooney hallelujah sheet music you will see several sources of sheet music, accompaniment tracks and other information. Glad you are moved by this music as I am.