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About Me and My Blog

Dick CroppedHi, I’m Dick Stannard. I’ll tell you a little about myself and why I decided to write (and curate) a blog…it was all by accident (the blog, that is, not me!).

I am retired and enjoying the good life with my wife, Lynn. We spend half the year in Lakeland, FL and the other half in Lake George, NY. We are originally from New York and our family of four daughters and their families still live near each other in upstate New York where we raised them, about 40 miles south of our summer camp.

I am a proud parent, grandparent and, recently, great grandparent.

My interests include computing, blogging, digital photography, travel, gardening and golf.

I try to read the bible through every year since I retired but sometimes I miss by a few months. I do finish, however. More important, I try to let it change me.


How I Became a Blogger

Lynn - Author

Lynn – Author

I handled the mechanics of independently publishing and marketing my wife Lynn’s first book, Precious Memories. She isn’t too tech savvy so I set up a simple blog for her to help create awareness for the book and to keep writing the kind of stories she had included in Precious Memories.

Well Lynn didn’t like blogging but I found that I did!

But what should I blog about?

I did some soul searching and came to the conclusion that the most important things to me are my faith and my family and I speculated that these two areas of life would have meaning for a lot of folks.

I also enjoy photography (mine and other people’s) as well as travel (mine and other people’s).


How I Chose the Blog Title

But choosing these four topical areas instead of focusing on only one or possibly two seemed to create a need for something to tie them all together.

Enter my long held opinion (conviction, really) that there is too much bad news and that it arrives in too shrill and/or almost combative settings on TV and other media.

So I decided that my blog would be heavily weighted toward good news tastefully presented…My World As I See It.

There you have it…the birth of a new low paying ($0.00!) job as a blogger. I love it!

Why have I styled the Blog as mostly curated material from other sources instead of mostly content that I, myself, generate?

  • I wanted it to be visually appealing – lots of video, photos and other images.
  • I wanted audio – music for sure, but other kinds of sounds, too like people talk, animal sounds, traffic, etc.
  • I wanted a much wider spectrum of experience and expertise to be presented than I possess myself.
  • Since I already surfed the net looking for just this kind of content for my own viewing/listening enjoyment and edification, why not share my world as I (already) see it on a blog.

VOILA! I had the title – Dick Stannard’s Blog – My World As I See It

My hope was and is to find people who share some or all of my interests and values and to engage in a two-way dialog that will be worth the time for both of us. (I really hope it will be exciting and thought provoking and valuable to you and to me… but I don’t want to set the bar too high and scare either you or me away!)


Is This Blog Worth YOUR Time?

I hope so!

I can promise you this: You will find a wide variety of positive, upbeat and emotionally satisfying (maybe with a Kleenex) Stories, Videos and Photos.

  • Some will add to your knowledge
  • Some will make you laugh
  • Some will make you cry a tear or a lot of tears
  • Some may even make you angry – righteous anger at injustices in our world.

I can also promise you that I will do my best to keep the quality of the stories, videos and photos high. That means I will research for authenticity and will provide sources of the content.

I posted every weekday since the blog started about four years ago. I  changed the schedule now that the Archive is populated with well over 600 posts. What I am saying is that I value consistency. If you look for me on any random weekday of you own choosing, you’ll find a new post or one less than a few days old  – and a large archive that continues to grow.

Meet me often at dickstannard.com. And when you come, please leave a comment so I know you were there and what you thought about what you saw/read.

AND, if you liked what you saw, why not fill in one of the several email notification sign up forms to get an email notification with the title of the most recent post.

Oh, AND, one more thing. If you liked what you saw/read use the SHARE buttons to let your friends in on it. They’ll be happy. You’ll be happy. And so will I!

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