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A Soldier’s Prayer


 I looked and looked for something appropriate for Veteran’s Day and when my eyes fell upon this poem titled A Soldier’s Prayer, I stopped looking. Most emergency personnel like military, police, firemen, doctors, etc. are really people we hope not to see or need. A consequence of this, I believe, is that we don’t honor […]

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I Am Lauren Scruggs and I Am Second

Lauren Scruggs Accident Interview

  Lauren Scruggs’ was a 23 year old model and fashion editor when her life changed dramatically in an instant on December 3, 2011. Lauren walked into the path of an airplane propeller as she exited a small plane. She was severely injured, losing one eye and her left hand, but she has a unique […]

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A True Story of Miracles by a 7th-grader

Girl in Prayer (not Marta) is a great source of inspiration in the form of short stories, free ecards and sayings and quotes. All of the material is available for free sharing and its worth your time to check it out! …Dick Courtesy of The staff at Inspire 21 was extremely pleased to receive this inspirational story about […]

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